Press Release

PRESS RELEASE May 3rd, 2021

Agatha House Foundation (AHF) launched its mobile pantry in the Coop City section of the
Bronx. Giving to hundreds of families and individuals in need nutritional food packages including,
but not limited to, dry foods, fruits and vegetables.

Hundreds of families were already experiencing food insecurity before the pandemic and with
the pandemic many of them are out of work creating the need for assistance now more than ever.

Many families are struggling to put food on their tables. AHF has seen the needs. AHF
endeavours to address this unmet hunger and food insecurity for the communities in the Bronx
and other surrounding communities.

With the assistance from the Food Bank of NYC and other donors, “we are here to provide
support to those struggling families and will continue to provide support to communities that are
struggling to put food on their tables.”

AHF will be in Dreiser Loop on Tuesdays, after 2:00 pm, for the next three months.


Agatha House Foundation
Jeannette Joseph-Greenaway